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COVID-19 Response Report of Activities

This report covers activities undertaken at the corporate, regional and country levels for the period March-August 2020. It outlines key areas which are shaping UN-Habitat’s work related to COVID-19 and the consequences of the global pandemic for longer-term work on post COVID-19, learning from this crisis and building back better cities for all.

Following World Health Organization’s declaration of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as a global pandemic, in March 2020, UN-Habitat activated its emergency protocols and crisis response mechanisms. The COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan called for urgent and coordinated measures across three pillars: staff safety and security, business continuity and emergency programmatic response and coordination.

UN-Habitat intensified efforts to mobilize new resources to deliver UN-Habitat’s Response Plan and scale up support to countries and cities. At the same time, UN-Habitat immediately reached out to funding partners to minimize the disruption of the yearly workplan, by reprogramming resources and channelling energy to contribute to the response within the framework of the Business Continuity Plan.