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The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) provides researchers, policy makers and decision makers access to datasets and services through the AURIN Data Provider (ADP) and associated sites administered by AURIN or accessible through (including all subdomains) (the AURIN Services). The AURIN Services as updated from time to time.

The University of Melbourne, as AURIN’s lead agent, administers, operates and controls AURIN.

This copyright notice applies in relation to the AURIN Services. The AURIN Services are copyright © The University of Melbourne 2011 – 2022.

The copyright in the text on this site is owned by University of Melbourne or its collaborators (or licensed to the University of Melbourne) and administered by AURIN.

If you suspect your, or someone else’s, copyright has been infringed either by AURIN or by someone using the AURIN Services, please contact


You must check the metadata record of a dataset for the licensing terms which apply to that dataset and its contents before using any data accessed via the AURIN Services. Metadata records are accessible through


Many datasets provided via the AURIN Services are licenced under the Creative Commons suite of licences. The metadata record associated with the dataset will indicate whether a Creative Commons Licence applies, and will provide a link to the relevant licence. There are several types of Creative Common licences, so it is important you understand which one applies to the dataset you are using and use the data in compliance with that licence.


To make a range of data available to researchers, AURIN obtains some data through agreement with commercial and government data providers. In some cases, these datasets are provided with specific terms and conditions for end users (what we refer to as the “Relevant Data Licence”). Where this is the case, a pop-up will appear directing you to read and agree to the Relevant Data Licence before you use the dataset. Any Relevant Data Licences are also included in the dataset’s metadata record. If you use a dataset with an associated Relevant Data Licence, you must use that dataset in compliance with the Relevant Data Licence.


The details of the licence conditions are available on the metadata record page accessible when you search for data through the AURIN Services and is also accessible in text format at Please note: there may be different or additional licence conditions for some datasets available via the AURIN Services. You may be asked to acknowledge your acceptance by clicking through these additional terms and a link to these additional terms is also included in the metadata record. Further details about the metadata record are set out here.


Text on this site includes descriptions of datasets, comments and blog entries. Unless otherwise noted, this text is copyright University of Melbourne or the person who contributed the text.


You cannot use the University of Melbourne logo or the AURIN logo without prior written consent. Contact AURIN to seek permission to use the University of Melbourne logo.

Contact AURIN to seek permission to use the AURIN logo.

You should not use any logos or emblems associated with any dataset without the owner of that dataset’s written permission. See the metadata record for the dataset for more information.


The express acknowledgment of ownership or authorship of copyright protected work is called the attribution.

If you use the AURIN Services or any datasets made available via the AURIN Service, you must comply with the attribution requirements set out below.


You are required to identify the source of any dataset or data it contains in the manner specified in the Attribution section in the metadata record.

For information on how to attribute a particular dataset, please refer to the metadata record associated with the dataset.

If you are unsure how to properly attribute a particular dataset, please include the following attribution in any publication that incorporates data:

[Data Source Organisation], ([Year]): [Dataset Title]; accessed from [[AURIN – name AURIN sub-site]] on [date of access]

Alternatively please contact us by emailing


If you are using anything made available via the AURIN Services other than a dataset, including text that appears on an AURIN webpage that are made publicly available, you must include an acknowledgement that you accessed the relevant intellectual property via AURIN.