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AURIN Data Provider (ADP) and ARCMAP

Tutorial goals:

The goal of this tutorial is to learn how use ArcMap to connect to the ADP and download datasets. You will learn how to:

  1. Introduce ArcMap

  2. Connect to the ADP via ArcMap

  3. Download AURIN Datasets


1. Introduce ArcMap


ArcMap is a commercial desktop application within the larger ArcGIS software suite that focuses on geospatial data, process, analysis and visualisation. Datasets from AURIN can be downloaded into ArcMap using the ADP.

2. Connect to the AURIN Data Provider (ADP) via ArcMap

Before commencing this step, please ensure you have generated your unique AURIN Data Provider (ADP) username and password in the ADP Access Dashboard.

Setting up a connection to the ADP within ArcMap requires creating a new connection.

To connect to the ADP, please follow these steps:

a) In your ArcMap session, go to 

Customize → Extensions drop-down menu

b) Ensure the Data Interoperability option is ticked

c) Once we have ensured that the Data Interoperability extension is available and activated, we can create an interoperability connection to the ADP within ArcMap – follow these steps:

Open the Catalog → Interoperability Connections → double click: Add Interoperability Connection wizard.

d) Select Formats → More Formats from the drop-down

 The ADP is powered by Geoserver and provides data over Web Feature Services (WFS). When creating the connection to the ADP WFS, we should specify the WFS format.

e) Locate and select WFS (Web Feature Service).

Or use the Search box and type “wfs”.


f) Open the Parameters window.

g) Fill in the Parameters using the following options:


3. Download AURIN Datasets

a) Browse the Features Types button (…) and select the desired layers.

    • Search the keyword Fire for dataset named datavic_VMFEAT_CFA_FIRE_STATION, with the ADP ID: datasource-VIC_Govt_DELWP-VIC_Govt_DELWP:datavic_VMFEAT_CFA_FIRE_STATION

  • Selecting more than a few layers at a time may cause ArcMap to stop responding as all selected layers are loaded.

  • The Filter bar can be used to do a search against the Titles of the datasets.

  • The window can be enlarged from the bottom right corner of the window.

b) Accept all of the set options.

c) Click the Add Data button on the toolbar.

d) A WFS connection will have been added to the Look In drop down and the selected datasets can be added as layers.

e) You data should now appear in the map viewer of your ArcMap session. From here you may then conduct further analysis or modification of the data.

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